Melitta Caffeo Solo



Melitta Caffeo Solo


coffee enjoyment of the highest qualit

The slim fully automatic coffee machine which focusses on the essentials: pure coffee enjoyment with freshly ground coffee beans. Also gives you minimalist design, compact dimensions and ease of use. Sometimes less is more – more coffee enjoyment and more space.

The Caffeo® Solo® is only 20cm wide so it takes up very little space yet still has enough room for high quality Melitta® technology.

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 32,5 cm x 20 cm x 45,5 cm
Capacity of used coffee tray: 8x
Capacity of water container: 1,2 l
Capacity of bean container: 125 g

For maximum enjoyment Caffeo® Solo® has a pre-brewing feature: The freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing, this releases the flavours in your coffee. Furthermore you can adjust the grinding degree and coffee strength in three stages to get your ideal taste.

The intuitive operating panel with integrated LED symbol display is reduced to essentials, making it child’s play to use. You can adjust the coffee strength or choose descaling and cleaning by simply selecting the appropriate symbol. Furthermore Caffeo® Solo® is equipped with a 0-Watt switch which enables to disconnect from the mains while your personal settings are kept.



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