About Mahlkonig

Devoted engagement and a combative spirit of innovation - this is Mahlkönig. The grinder manufacturer from Hamburg proudly carries the crown inside its logo, as the company powerfully and continuously promotes the newest trends of the industry while being in the lead for quality and innovation.The majority of the grinder parts are manufactured in-house. Most of the materials used continue to be sourced from Europe –something the company has been committed to since its earliest founding.Today, along with Anfim and Ditting, they are an integral part of the Hemro Group. This joint venture of the three principal coffee grinder manufacturers has allowed Mahlkoenig to share access and subtle manufacturing principles with, what were until recently, their major competitors.

Mahlkönig is a long-term well-esteemed member of the specialty coffee community and actively promotes the community’s spirit through its engagement, especially at events taking place on every continent on eart.