Coffee Lab is about one simple thing: making the best possible coffee. We do our best to find, source, roast and brew some of the most exciting specialty coffee beans from all over the world.

Our story, different as may be, still shares similarities with stories of other entrepreneurs and dreamers.

Coffee Lab was founded in 2016. At the time finding great tasting, fresh roasted specialty coffee in Georgia, was simply impossible. Surprise and appreciation for specialty coffee from the very first time we tried it, gave us drive to bring third wave coffee scene to Georgia.

We travelled the world, talked to coffee people and read as much as we got our hands on to learn more about coffee sourcing, roasting and brewing. All these resulted in super exciting startup – the first specialty coffee micro roastery in Georgia. Coffee Lab is founded on the principle of making the best possible coffee for everyone.

For us it was a whole new perspective on coffee: sourcing great specialty coffee, roasting it in small batches and finally brewing it using varieties of methods/gadgets. We believed that people would come to love and appreciate this new coffee experience as much as we did.

Our goal is to make coffee memorable: at our coffee bar, our partner’s restaurants and cafés, or even at home. We hope you’ll join us for your next cup.

Coffee Lab Today

The minimalist interior, specialty coffee, the diverse menu and the peasant atmosphere of Coffee Lab create the ideal space for concentrating on work or relaxation.

We partner with many of the finest restaurants, hotels, cafés, and companies to provide their guests and employees with a coffee experience.

We exclusively represent more than 20 leading global brands in the coffee industry and striving to become the most competent, innovative, progressive and dynamic coffee company in region.